Be aware of roving roos

LEETON Shire Council road safety and traffic officer Sandra Robinson has warned motorists to be wary of an Australian icon.

Kangaroos have been causing some chaos around the shire, particularly in the Wattle Hill area, according to Mrs Robinson.

"We have had reports of some near-misses with kangaroos, mostly near Henry Lawson Drive, so we want drivers to be wary," she said.

"Motorists should obviously be careful on the roads at all times, but we are asking they keep a special look out for kangaroos.

"There has already been one accident in that area where a crash happened when a driver attempted to avoid a roo."

Kangaroos can usually be seen near roadways when they are searching for food.

Mrs Robinson said being alert behind the wheel would help prevent an accident.

"We just want people to be on the lookout because obviously we can't put the signs up every where saying that they are in that area," she said.

"It's hard to tell what area they will stay in because they do migrate and move along."

Animal collisions have increased by 15 per cent in the last calendar year, according to NRMA Insurance.

Kangaroos still top the list of animals most likely to be involved in a road accident, followed by dogs, wombats, cattle and cats.

NRMA Insurance spokesman Mariana Cidade said kangaroo collisions peak in the winter months, particularly in July, posing a hopping hazard to drivers.

"We encourage motorists to slow down when driving at sunrise and sunset as this is when kangaroos are most active and looking for food," she said.

"Kangaroo collisions can pose a significant safety risk as they can potentially smash a windscreen and injure drivers and their passengers.

"We are urging drivers to be mindful of all wildlife on all roads, whether they are country highways or suburban streets."


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