Illegal parking raises concern

LEETON shire residents have been warned to do the right thing when it comes to parking throughout town.

Leeton Shire Council ranger Peter Skarlis said he was aware of various issues when it came to parking in Leeton.

"There's ongoing issues with parking near St Francis (College), particularly in Maiden Avenue near the bus stops," he said.

"That's probably one of the biggest ongoing issues when we're talking about safety."

Another area highlighted by Mr Skarlis was residents using disabled parking spaces when they weren't permitted to.

"There are quite a few people who don't seem to follow the rules when it comes to those spaces," he said.

"At times the main street can get quite busy and people do

sneak into those spaces when they are not meant to.

"That is definitely something we would discourage."

Council road safety and traffic officer Sandra Robinson has noticed similar circumstances taking place.

"In the grand scheme of things Leeton isn't like places such as Wagga or Sydney when it comes to these issues, but we definitely do still have problems," she said.

"The disabled parking is a big one, as well as people parking incorrectly near the post office and in the main street in designated 'no parking' areas.

"That is a big safety issue because most of those spaces are there because they are near an intersection and so we don't want people parking there because it does affect visibility.

"We do issue quite a number of infringements for that sort of thing."

Another traffic problem Mrs Robinson highlighted was school zones.

"What's disappointing is to see people flaunting the rules in these areas," she said.

"We know they know what the road rules are in school zones because whenever we have the police there they do the right thing, but at other times people are still driving recklessly.

"It can be very dangerous."

LEETON Shire Council ranger Peter Skarlis has reminded residents of the rules when it comes to micro-chipping and registering dogs.

He said most residents were aware there pet dogs needed micro-chipping, but were unaware of registration.

"I think people believe it all gets done when you take your dog in for micro-chipping, but it's two different things," Mr Skarlis said.

"When they do realise it is separate and an extra cost on top they tend not to worry about it.

"However, it is required for all dogs to be micro-chipped and registered."


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