Art space a dream for artist

TOM Vallance is now exhibiting in the Roxy Art Space.
TOM Vallance is now exhibiting in the Roxy Art Space.

THE artwork displayed at the Roxy Art Space has been nothing if not varied and that trend continues with the current exhibition.

Tom Vallance is a young artist with a surrealist bent, producing works that at once appeal and make the viewer think about what they are seeing.

Originally from Ungarie, he has lived in Leeton for four years, with a recent stint in Melbourne studying at Monash University.

He labels his works as images from dreams and the sub-conscious.

"I've been drawing since I was pretty young and I did art at St Francis in year 11 and 12," Mr Vallance said.

"I have been drawing without any real plan. In Melbourne I got into auto drawing, letting it flow.

"Now I am moving to more concrete ways of showing my ideas.

"I want to make people question. I want someone to look at a picture and ask 'what's happening here?'."

The exhibition will be running through June and into early July.

"I came down to see Peter's (Kopilow) work and spoke to Greg (Pritchard, Western Riverina Arts development officer) and he said there was no one in for June," Mr Vallance said.

The works are done in felt tip pens, textas, oils, pastels and chalk and, though small in size, they are powerful.

"I definitely want to explore some of these on a bigger scale," Mr Vallance said.

As well as the art on display, Mr Vallance is also selling CDs of original music and self-published poetry, which in a way ties in with the artwork.

"Writing poetry is like drawing," he said. "I take a similar approach.

"Words have different meanings for different people and a phrase of words can do the same thing.

It is Mr Vallance's first exhibition, but he has had pieces on display at the Leeton Visitor Information Centre gallery.

The exhibition is open every day from midday to 6 or 7pm.