Leeton squash report, week seven, March 17, 2017


WEEK seven of the Summer Comp started with Serves defeating Volleys 2-1.

Jade Jennings and Michelle Quinlivan won against Ray Walton and Matt Boots, while Maanu Alexander was too good for Jason Mimmo.

Hot Shots beat Aces 2-1.

Sub Emily Jennings and David Cross were too strong for subs Tahlia Taylor and Emily Lyons, while Ruth Tait won a tough five setter against Matt Piper.

Hand Outs beat Smashes 2-1.

Will Rawle won a tough five setter against Miranda Tait, and Roy Bandy won in three over Ian Draper.

Brian O’Leary won on a forfeit against Phil Ives.


TUESDAY night and Drop Shots slaughtered Forehands 4-0.

Scott Quinlivan, Chris Doolin, Liam Ryan and Narelle Ryan were far too strong for Col Thompson, Rod Tait, Ben Elwin and Tahlia Taylor.

Lobs won 3-1 over Boast.

Macauley Harrison, Siarne Deeves and Kim Weller won against Sarah Quinlivan, Declan Ryan and Naomi Rawle.

Sub Roy Bandy beat Matt Dollins 3-1.

Backhands beat Drives 3-1 with Chris Billingham, Sean Ryan and Stuart McVitie all too good for Cooper Boardman, Keiran O’Callaghan and Kira Brettschnider.

Sarah McAlice was too good for Simone Bruno, winning 3-0.


THURSDAY night and Nicks won on countback against Lets.

Emily Jennings and Gary Thompson won against Ashleigh Armstrong and Dion DeMamiel. Jacob Harrison and Byron Warr both won five setters against Rob Hanlon and Ian Alexander.

Strokes defeated Miss Hits 3-1.

Jack Quinlivan, Erin Draper and Trish Fletcher won against Tony Naimo, Peter Paton and Marg Eckley. Anthony Iannelli had a good win against Blayne Thompson, 3-1.

Penalties won on a countback against Rallies.

Trevor Whitby and Mason Boardman won against sub Chris Billingham and Leah Shelton.

Carol Davidson and Annette Morey won against Esther Deeves and Shelly Elwin