Leeton Shire Council still working to repair roads damaged by in the 2016 floods

WHILE it has been a relatively dry start to autumn, Leeton Shire Council is still trying to repair roads damaged by last year’s flooding.

The shire felt the full brunt of a wet winter which continued into spring last year with numerous roads under water for weeks on end. 

Countless others were damaged and council is still working to repair these areas. 

Council’s manager of design and construction Chris Lashbrook said it continued to be a work in progress.

“Urgent repairs that could be (done) as emergency works have been completed to a condition that the roads are again safe for use,” he said.

“These works were completed within weeks of the damages occurring.

“Flood repairs have been identified and nominated for flood damage funding, (but) these roads are yet to be assessed by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and approved for repairs.

“(So), repair works of these roads has not yet commenced.”

As a result of the flooding there were various roads in the shire that required council’s immediate attention to allow for safe use by motorists when water receded. 

These included Colinroobie, Euroley, McCracken and Apostle Yard roads.

These areas had significant scouring along the edges of the road and washouts that needed urgent repairs.

Mr Lashbrook said there was still many areas that needed attention, but was pleased with the community’s patience on the matter.

He said council hadn’t received any negative comments from residents regarding the work.

“There is a great number of sealed roads with shoulder material that has been washed away and some sealed roads requiring significant rehabilitation to bring it back to pre-flood condition,” Mr Lashbrook said.

“There is also significant lengths of gravel road networks that has had its gravel surface degraded with the flooding event and requires gravel resheeting. Once these areas have been inspected by RMS and approved, the works will prioritised and scheduled for repair.”


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