Leeton volleyball sports report, March 20, 2017

IN THE second round of the Leeton Volleyball autumn season Leftovers played Kiss My Ace. Leftovers were on a mission after their unexpected loss last week and Kiss My Ace found out how hard they would be to defeat, if they play to the best of their ability. Leading the way was Rosanna Bruno and captain Linda Newman.

Better court play and serving was the difference in the first set, with Leftovers winning 25-13. The second set was a closer content thanks to better serving by Rianna Scott and Chelsea Stephens but Leftovers held on to win 25-18. In the third set Kyle Newman worked hard at the net to help Leftovers get the clean sweep and win the set 25-11. Excellent serving and court play saw Chelsea Stephens get best on court for Kiss My Ace, followed by Rosanna Bruno and Kyle Newman from the Leftovers.

The second match was between Diggas With Attitude and Hit Heads. Diggas With Attitude got off to a great start thanks to good serving by Allen Rodriques getting them out to a 7-1 lead, until Narelle Ryan continued her good serving form that saw the scores level at 11-all. It was neck-and-neck from then on, until Kim Weller served out the last six points for her Diggas team to win 25-20. The second match was very similar; better court play by Cath Gray and Mitchell Cross from Diggas and Jess Clarke and Declan Ryan from Hit Heads led to some great rallies. Again, Kim Weller served out the last six to win 25-19. The final set was a repeat of the first with Rodrigues and Gray dominant serving saw Diggas get out to a 13-3 lead. Hit Heads fought hard to get them back into the set, but the gap was too big to make up and Diggas went on to win 25-17 and another 3-0 win for the night. Best on court was Catherine Gray and Mitchell Cross from Diggas With Attitude, followed by Narelle Ryan from Hit Heads.

The final match for the night was unfortunately a forfeit win to Lethal Legends against Vance Roaders.

Round 3, Wednesday, March 22: 7pm Court 1 Kiss My Ace v Hit Heads. Duty team Diggas With Attitude. 7pm Court 3 Vance Roaders v Leftovers. Duty team Lethal Legends. 8pm Court 1 Diggas With Attitude v Lethal Legends. Duty team Hit Heads.