Okay to have an opinion, differing thoughts

THE Irrigator received an interesting response to a story titled Free camping has impacts last week. 

Much of this focused on the comments by one particular caravan park owner in Leeton who discussed the impacts free camping has on her business. 

What happened next was quite astonishing. 

This business owner was attacked online from all corners of the country by those upset with her comments that free camping should be regulated. 

While it’s certainly okay to have a different opinion to hers, it certainly does not warrant nasty comments or discouraging people to use her caravan park. 

Now that is a disgrace. 

Here is a family-owned business in our town that is just trying to make its way and pay the bills like any other store or company in town, be it big or small. 

This lady was just airing her thoughts and wasn’t trying to offend anyone. 

On the flip side, as stated, it is certainly fine to defend free camping because it too has a place in the caravan and camping industry. 

However, for people to say this woman was discouraging people from coming to Leeton is plain wrong. 

The nature of her business is to attract people to town. As an example, remember when McDonald’s came to Leeton? 

Some takeaway businesses in Leeton shire were concerned about what this would mean for them and the impact it would have on their bottom line. 

It’s okay to be concerned about these things, but as many do it's just about adapting and that’s what this caravan park is doing. 

They were simply stating their own thoughts on a matter that can have potential to impact on them. 

They certainly weren’t discouraging people from coming to town. And why wouldn’t you. Leeton is a great place for people to come and spend their money. Residents love seeing visitors in town and there’s plenty to do. 

Hopefully those in a caravan or camping can do a bit of free camping, as well as supporting caravan parks. Then, it’s win-win for everyone. 

Hopefully people out there can recognise it’s fine for people to have their own thoughts – it doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. That’s what having an opinion is all about. 


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