Autumn squash competition report, May 15, 2017


MONDAY night Storm thrashed Cowboys 3-0. Mathew Dunn had a tough battle with Chris Billingham, winning 3-1. Carol Davidson had the upset of the night. Down 2-0 against Ian Draper, and 5-0 in the third game, Davidson fought back hard to win the match 3-2, even though Draper out scored her 65-63. Mason Boardman was too strong for sub Will Rawle, winning 3-0.

Rabbitohs beat Roosters in a very close 3-0 battle. Rob Hanlon had his work cut out for him against Trevor Whitby. In an hour long match, Hanlon held on to win the fifth and final set, beating Whitby 3-2. Ian Alexander prove experience can beat youth when he beat sub Siarne Deeves, 3-2. Kira Brettschnider had a very close match against Siarne Deeves, winning 3-1.

Bronco’s defeated Sharks 2-1. Jacob Harrison was lucky to get away with the win over Jack Quinlivan. Quinlivan was up 2-1, 13-9 in the fourth when Harrison fought back to win 15-13, locking it up at 2-all. Harrison won the fifth and the match 3-2, with Quinlivan outscoring Harrison 67-66. Roy Bandy defeated an exhausted Anthony Iannelli, who had just played his own match, 3-0. Declan Ryan and Anthony Iannelli had a great five-set battle, with Ryan winning 3-2.

Tuesday saw Dockers beat Tigers 2-1. Tigers only winner, Jason Curry, beat Erin Draper 3-0. Anne Knudsen and Callum Ryan had a five-set battle. Ryan outscored Knudsen 73-67, but Knudsen got the points when it counted to win the match 3-2. Naomi Rawle had her hands full with Tahlia Taylor, even being outscored 62-58, but won the match 3-2.

Hawks defeated Cats 2-1. Declan Ryan beat Byron Warr 3-0. Marg Eckley beat Sarah McAliece 3-0. Cats only winner, Jade Jennings, played younger sister Emily. Jade’s shot placement outweighed the power of Emily to win the match 3-1.

Bulldogs defeated Swans 2-1. Swans only winner, Stuart McVittie was simply too strong for sub Kira Brettschnider, 3-0.  Zac Fairweather had to work hard to beat Miranda Tait in a close five-set match. Tait never backs down from a long match and Fairweather found out the hard way. Fairweather eventually coming out on top 3-2. Dakota Boardman played a very hard and fast game to beat Simone Bruno 3-0.