Leeton volleyball sports report, May 15, 2017


A THRILLING finale to the eighth round with third team, Lethal Legends, defeating ladder leader, Diggas With Attitude, in the closest match of the season.

The first set had long rallies and strong serving and Lethal Legends got to a good start thanks to great serving by Allison Thrumble and Sean Ryan for a 19-15 lead. Allen Rodrigues served out the set for Diggas and, with the help from Cath Gray, Robbie Gifford, Kim Weller and Mitch Cross, were too strong overall and won 25-20. The final two sets were absolute thrillers thanks to Legends’ Alannah Hughes’ serving and Maria Tynan and Liz Taylor at the net.

Both the final sets saw Diggas down set point and then back to 24-all, but it was Lethal Legends’ experience in Thrumble, Ryan and Hughes, that saw them get across the line and win both sets in extra time 26-24 and the match 2-1. First match of the year where both teams have won over 70 in the entire match. 

Leftovers played Vance Roaders and Kiss My Ace played Hit Heads. Hit Heads were too strong for their opponents. A great serving run of 15 from Declan Ryan, Hit Heads, set a dominating 19-3 lead. Chelsea Stephens and Rianna Scott fought hard to get Kiss My Ace back but Hit Headswon 25-8. Great court play by Lorraine Kefford and Narelle Ryan from Hit Heads was the difference in them winning the second set 25-13. Brianna Hughes and Keira Whitehead improved each set for Kiss My Ace, but couldn’t quite get the win, going down 25-17 and the Hit Heads winning the match 3-0. 

In the other match Leftovers were too strong for bottom side Vance Roaders, with Ryan and Linda Newman leading the way. Col Emery worked hard for Vance Roaders,  but Leftovers won the first set 25-15. Craig and Bron Cherry were welcomed back to Vance Roaders but with Rosanna Bruno and Kyle Newman improving net play, Leftovers won the last two sets 25-6, 25-8 and the match 3-0. 


Round 9: 7pm Court 1 Kiss My Ace v Diggas With Attitude. Duty Hit Heads. 7pm Court 3 Leftovers v Lethal Legends. Duty Vance Roaders.  8pm Court 1 Vance Roaders v Hit Heads. Duty Leftovers.