Weekly squash, report, May 18, 2017


WEDNESDAY kicked off with Crusaders defeating Rebels 2-1. Sub Maanu Alexander wasted no time in beating Bryan Shepley 3-0. Emily Lyons followed suit with the defeat of sub Matt Collins 3-0. Brent Lister was the only winner for Rebels. Lister did it the hard way, beating Michelle Quinlivan in a tough five-set battle, 3-2. 

Brumbies won 2-1 against Highlanders. Cooper Boardman defeated Grace Stockwell in a high scoring 3-1 match. Ryan Mahalm and Matt Collins decided that five sets was the only way to sort out their match, with Mahalm eventually winning 3-2, 70-68. Allen Rodrigues was the only winner for Highlanders, winning 3-1 against Kieran O’Callaghan.

Waratahs defeated Reds 2-1. Sarah Quinlivan had her hands full in an hour-long match against Macauley Harrison. Harrison is known for his hard hitting and long rallies, and Quinlivan was well prepared, winning 3-2. Jackson Goman beat sub Matt Piper 3-0. Rod Tait was the only winner for Reds, winning 3-0 against Matt Piper.

Thursday had Victory beating Phoenix 2-1. Col Thompson easily took care of Sean Ryan 3-0. Dion DeMamiel once again went to 5 sets in his defeat of Gary Thompson. Thompson outscored DeMamiel 64-59, but losing 3-2. Trish Fletcher proved too good for sub Naomi Rawle, giving Phoenix its only win 3-0.

Wanderers smashed Glory 3-0. Brian O’Leary and David Cross had their usual tough battle. Cross outscored O’Leary 70-66, but O’Leary won 3-2. Will Rawle wasted no time in defeating Leah Shelton 3-0 and Narelle Ryan slaughtered Kim Weller 3-0.

Mariners destroyed Roar 3-0. Maanu Alexander beat Marcelle Steel in a tough 3-0. Angelo Fiumara wasted no time in beating Blayne Thompson 3-0. Kelsey Deeves played one of her best matches of the comp, defeating Johannes in a very tough 3-2 battle that left both players exhausted.

Well done to all the juniors who travelled to Shepparton last Sunday for the GP#3 Tournament, playing up to five matches each. Highlights were Will Rawle and Zac Fairweather placing first and second in D Grade, Blayne Thompson, second in C Reserve, and Sarah Quinlivan winning B Grade.