Road work underway on Irrigation Way near Mount Harris Road

THERE will be no new work undertaken on Wilga Road following the weekend’s tragic fatal accident. 

Maika Rahim was killed and three young children hospitalised in a nightmare crash outside of Whitton on Wilga Road on Saturday afternoon.

While Leeton Shire Council is currently completing upgrade work at scene of a double fatal truck accident just a few kilometres away, there are no new plans to do so on Wilga Road. 

Council manager of design and construction Chris Lashbrook said that area was fully upgraded to its current condition over a two-year period from 2013 to 2015.

“Other than general maintenance, there is no plans for any major works for it within the near future,” he said. 

“Other than the emergency response council provided for traffic control on the day of the accident, we visually assessed the area (afterwards) to ensure (it was safe) to re-open the road. No further investigation has taken place by council.”

The accident came as council started work last Tuesday on Irrigation Way near Mount Harris Road, which was the scene of an horrific double fatal truck accident in January. 

A correctional patch is being put down over the majority of the intersection. This is required as the bitumen was severely damaged by the fire from the truck accident. 

This resulted in the existing damaged seal and top layer of the gravel surface needing to be removed and a “correction” layer placed over the area. 

“The aim of this project is to permanently repair damages to the road surface that was caused by heat from the accident, (while) at the same time taking the opportunity to add some additional road width to Irrigation Way in this area,” Mr Lashbrook said. 

Mr Lashbrook said the widening work wasn’t a direct result of the accident rather a good opportunity to get it done while already in the area. It is a joint project between council and the Roads and Maritime Services. Any delays in the area are being kept to a minimum while work is completed.