2016 Leeton Harley and Bike Muster pays off for charities in 2017

BIKE clubs sometimes have a “heartless” stigma attached to them, but that’s not the case for one Leeton organisation. 

The Leeton Calo’s Riders Club has shown it is full of heart by donating proceeds from its annual fundraising event to charities in the town last week. 

The money raised was a result of last year’s Leeton Harley and Bike Muster, which focuses on raising money for charity and creating awareness of mental health issues. 

Donations went to the Leeton Volunteer Rescue Association, Rotary Club of Leeton, Mate Helping Mate and Cystic Fibrosis. 

“We’re really happy to be able to give back,” Calo’s vice president Pat Vecchie said. 

“All of these groups have been behind us 100% since the very start (of the muster).”

During the presentation, the Rotary Club of Leeton decided to donate their funds back. 

“They are aware of the work we are doing for mental health and they wanted it to go back into that,” Mr Vecchie said. 

Preparations for this year’s muster are well underway. The event will be held at the later date of November 1 and Mr Vecchie was hopeful residents would once again support it. 

“It is getting bigger … we would like people to move away from thinking it’s a bike event,” he said. 

“The harley muster is the draw card, but it’s now more about mental health and raising awareness and money for that cause.”


Leeton Harley and Bike Muster 2016 | Photos