Murrami CWA international day focuses on Nepal

NEPAL is a long way from Leeton, but a touch of the country arrived in Murrami last week. 

The Murrami Country Women’s Association branch held its annual international day last Thursday and invited a younger generation along to join in with the fun. 

Students from the Whitton-Murrami Public School participated in the day’s activities, which including learning many interesting facts. 

Murrami CWA publicity officer Rose Platen said the event was intriguing. 

“There were three Nepalese guests, Niranjan Mainali, Samita Ghale and Sarita Pun,” she said.

“(They) spoke about their homeland and dressed up some of the school children in native costume.

“Murrami CWA member Jacqui Hermann also dressed in the national Nepalese costume.”

Every year CWA branches across the country are given a country to study and learn about. 

This then culminates with the international day and gives the organisation a chance to involve other community members in its celebrations. 

Throughout this year members have learned many interesting facts about Nepal. 

This includes people in Nepal not greeting one another with a handshake, but rather putting their palms together and bowing their forehead to say “namaste”.

Nepal is also home to one of the few places on earth where people can see both the Bengal tiger and the one-horned rhinoceros. 

The Murrami event was capped off with a delicious afternoon tea made by the CWA members.