The Irrigator letters to the editor, 18/7/17

NAIDOC reflection

THE NAIDOC Week celebrations at Gossamer Park recently was another amazing day with lots of smiling faces despite the weather. I’d like to thank all of the services and the police whose contribution to the event adds value to the day by providing an opportunity to just have a yarn.  

Events such as this provide a unique opportunity to build strong relationships with our community, especially the children. A special thank you to the amazing teachers from Parkview Public School, who didn’t let the rain dampen their efforts to make sure everyone was fed. 

The dancers from Parkview supported by Joey are always a highlight of the day and for them to do so on such a cold day shows their commitment  Leeton Shire Council’s contribution was also very much appreciated, especially the giveaway bags, which were provided in conjunction with Intereach.  

The SunRice stall was again well received by all and the giveaway bags didn’t disappoint. I would also like to express our thanks to our official guests -  Wiradjuri NSWALC councillor Craig Cromelin and Leeton shire mayor Paul Maytom.  

Thank you to Sarah Puckeridge for all your hard work along with your assistant councillor Cromelin. It was great to have the NSWALC stall.  

Sarah has supported our day for a number of years and it was great that she could finally be part of the day, thank you Sarah.

I would also like to express my gratitude to William Ingram and Courtney Davy, who without their tireless efforts, the day would not have been the success it was. 

Both go above and beyond to organise, co-ordinate and facilitate the day’s events to ensure NAIDOC is a celebration for our community.

Once again thank you everyone who attended in any capacity and for being part of our community event.

Karen Davy, Leeton.

Family history hunt

#LEETON: @faran_silverton - Foggy palms last week.

#LEETON: @faran_silverton - Foggy palms last week.

MY NAME is Nicola Partington and I am researching the McCausland link of my family tree. John McCausland immigrated with Frances Ann Eliza Cross from New Zealand to Australia in 1912/13 and they had a farm at 333 Wamoon, Leeton from 1916 onwards. I am wondering if anyone in the Leeton shire community knows of any McCausland families in the area that I would be able to contact for information. Contact me at or 

Nicola Partington, Canterbury NZ.

Delight on rice

I was delighted to read a recent article highlighting the threatened Australasian bitterns which are breeding in Riverina rice crops. In the past 35 years I have visited my uncle’s rice farm, which was featured in the article, and have been constantly inspired as I see our farmers being wonderful custodians of the land, although when you think about it this is not surprising – they have to ensure the sustainability of their land to protect their livelihoods, and that of the future generations. It is unfortunate that too many people do not get the opportunity to see the passion of our farmers, who efficiently produce food and fibre for our nation, as well as others throughout the world.

At the same time they look after the environment and help threatened species like the Australasian bittern. Australian rice growers, who are among the most efficient in the world, feed over 20 million people throughout the world each day, at the same time as providing a wonderful breeding habitat for birds and wildlife, in particular numerous reptiles and amphibians. I am constantly amazed and disappointed that we have so many people in our society, including politicians and taxpayer funded bureaucrats, who do not see or appreciate the value of our farmers not only for what they produce, but also their role as environmental caretakers.

Anna Brazier, Beaumaris.