Winter squash report, August 14, 2017

WEEK eight of the winter comp saw T-Rex take on Slinkies. With two wins all Slinkies took the honours defeating their opponents on games.  Wins for Jacob Harrison over Matt Dunn, Rod Tait over Brent Lister for T-Rex and Declan Ryan over sub Mason Boardman and Sarah McAliece over Naomi Rawle for the Slinkies.  

Jack Quinlivan did his job for the Squeakies but his team members Quinlivan, Iannelli and Gray-Mills could not emulate his victory going down 1-3 to the top of the table Woodies.  Wins to Matt Collins, Danny Boardman and Trish Fletcher for the Woodies.  

Mr Hamm’s had an overwhelming victory over Mr Potato Heads 4-0.  Rob Hanlon defeated Cooper Boardman in a close five-set match whilst Roy Bandy and Kim Weller had little worry.  Liam Ryan outlasted Stuart McVittie defeating him 3-2.

On Wednesday night the Electricians powered over the Brickies 3-1 with victories to Trevor Whitby, Allen Rodrigues and Simone Bruno.  The only win for the Brickies was by William Rawle defeating Gary Thompson 3-1. The Tilers laid the Mechanics on their backs taking out a 3-1 win.  Wins to Tilers’ Dion DeMamiel, Tahlia Taylor and sub Declan Ryan proved the difference while Brickies captain Macauley Harrison defeated Maanu Alexander for their solo win.  

The Plumbers defeated the Builders also 3-1 with wins to Ryan Thurgood over Col Thompson 301, Blayne Thompson over Siarne Deeves 3-0 and Naomi Rawle over sub Teneal Preston-Warr 3-0. Jackson Goman  for the Builders played well to defeat Scott Quinlivan 3-0.

On Thursday night the Turtles defeated  the Lions 3-1.  Captain Sarah Quinlivan showing good form defeated  David Cross 3-1 while Anthony Iannelli and Trish Fletcher helped their team to victory defeating opponents Jason Curry and Daniel Shelton.  David Croucamp for the Lions only win defeated Jade Jennings 3-2.

Bears defeated Panthers by one game 9-8 with wins to Emily Jennings and Kelsey Deeves and for the Bears win Brian O’Leary and Kira Brettschneider.  The Kangaroos defeated the Pythons on a countback,winning by just one point 105 to 104. Wins to Bryan Shepley and Angelo Fiumara for the Kangaroos and Callum Ryan and Leah Shelton for the Pythons.