Leeton Basketball Association junior report


WEEK two of the girls’ Leeton Basketball Association Spring Competition was highlighted by a thrilling A Grade encounter between Leeton Toyota and White.

A low scoring opening term gave way to free flowing basketball after that point with Abby Favell sinking 24 points to lead Toyota to their first win of the season.

Meanwhile, Samara McMillan and Maddy Kennedy both sunk 12 points as Anytime Fitness remained undefeated at the expense of the Eagles.

In B Grade, 14 points from Georgina Dore led Eagles to a 22 point win over Thinkwater, while Georgia Mallamace (10 points) top scored for Warbah (29) as their miserly defence held Celi’s Buses to just eight.

C Grade was highlighted by a 20 point game to Nakeita Alampi as Kurrajong Shell remained undefeated with a win over Country First, while eight points from Tamika Rourke was enough to get C&A Plumbing their first win of the season over Anytime Fitness.


  • A Grade: 7.30pm Court 1: Leeton Toyota 38 (Abby Favell 24) defeated White 24 (Giordan Pastro 8, Ruby Henley 8); Anytime Fitness 45 (Samara McMillan 12, Maddy Kennedy 12) defeated Eagles 33 (Emily Clyne 10) 
  • B Grade: Eagles 44 (Georgina Dore 14) defeated Thinkwater 22; Warbah 29 (Georgia Mallamace 10) defeated Celi’s Buses 8 
  • C Grade: C & A Plumbing 26 (Tamika Rourke 8) defeated Anytime Fitness 11 (Sophie Scalora 6); Kurrajong Shell 32 (Nakeita Alampi 20) defeated Country First 16 (Brooke Pearce 8).


  • A Grade: 7.30pm Court 1: Leeton Toyota v Eagles (Bench: Rhodes and Marks); Court 2: Anytime Fitness v White (Bench: Kennedy and Henley)
  • B Grade: 6.45pm Court 1: Thinkwater v Warbah (Bench: Cross and Diebert); Court 2: Celi’s Buses v Eagles (Bench: Amato and Pearce)
  • C Grade: 6pm: Court 1: Anytime Fitness v Country First (Bench: Block and Lamont); Court 2: Kurrajong Shell v C & A Plumbing (Bench: Elliott and Halden).