Leeton mother and daughter keeping it all in the family in their careers

Sarah and Katelyn Clyne.
Sarah and Katelyn Clyne.

When Sarah Clyne offered to fill in at the Hay Courthouse, the Leeton-based registrar knew that she was in for an unusual time. 

The person training her for the job was none other than her daughter, Katelyn. 

Both mother and daughter have been staples of the MIA court circuit for some time.

Sarah has been working as deputy-court registrar in Leeton for a decade, while her daughter Katie is a court officer, accompanying the magistrate across the local court circut. 

While they usually work together three days a month, their professional paths crossed a few weeks ago when Sarah filled in for two weeks for a colleague. 

“She’s really good at her job and really confident. It was good to see how she works as well,” she said. 

“I’ve always had an interest in the legal system. I studied legal studies while I was at school. When the job came up, I was lucky enough to get it,” she said. 

It was an interest that passed from mother to child. In March 2016, Katie was successful in her application to train as a court officer in Griffith. 

“I knew she wanted to study law. This job was sort of a stepping stone. She’s going to be studying law by distance,” Sarah said. 

“We’re pretty stoked.”

Katie said that being a a lawyer is all she’s ever wanted to do. 

“I remember going to the courts with Mum when I was little and wanting so see where the magistrates and the solicitors sat,” she said. 

Like her mother, it was her studies that inspired Katie’s love of the law. 

“I’m very excited to finally be starting what I’ve always wanted to do,” she said. “This job has given me so much knowledge and experience in the practical side of things.”


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