Letters: Leeton local has bleak outlook on modern-day religion.

In answer, I submit with not a little trepidation, simply, Satan.

Around the world religious persecution is rife and growing rapidly.

RELIGION: Leeton local Laurie Walker believes religious persecution is rife and growing rapidly around the world.

RELIGION: Leeton local Laurie Walker believes religious persecution is rife and growing rapidly around the world.

Australian society may regard religious faith as quaint, or out of step with modernity, but for billions of people around the world religious faith is one of the most important daily realities of their lives.

Satan now has his deadly grip on practically the whole world.

Just look at what Jesus said "In those times, there shall be wars and rumours of wars", Matthew's gospel and in Revelations God says "I would that you be hot or cold, for the lukewarm, I will spew out of my mouth".

Jesus said "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free".

And one proverb says "there is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof in the way of death".

And again in Revelations "Satan now works furiously, for he knows that his time is short.

Laurie Walker, Leeton.

Leeton Legacy

On behalf of Leeton Legacy, I am thanking residents in the Leeton area for their generosity during Legacy Week, 27th August to 2nd September.

The support of the public for families of veterans who have given their lives or health continues to allow Legacy to support them in many ways.

Legacy has been supporting veterans’ families for more than 90 years and will be needed well into the future.

There is an increasing number of young families turning to Legacy for help as they attempt to keep their lives on course as their veteran spouse or parent deals with their personal ravages of active service or other serious issues.

Legacy provides practical, emotional and financial support to all in the Legacy family; from children through to ageing Widows.

In particular, I would like to thank the Cadets who helped sell in the main street of Leeton.

I wish to thank also the Barellan community for the generous collection on Anzac Day.

If anyone missed us they can donate at www.legacyweekappeal.com.au or phone 9248 9009.

Greg Brown, Leeton Legacy Division.

Bridge news

On Sunday 10th September, Leeton Soldiers Bridge Club and Griffith Bridge Club played their annual Bridge Team contest at Leeton, for the McCormack Shield. 

Leeton was in front at lunch time, but Griffith played strongly in the afternoon to be convincing winners, so Leeton had to part with the Shield.

Club Results: August 22nd - 1st Elaine Dooner and Pat Protheroe, 2nd Jennie Pike and Margaret O’Leary, 3rd Helen Taylor and Phillip Williams.

August 25th - 1st Mary Hulme and Phillip Hehir, 2nd Helen and Eric Taylor, Equal 3rd Elaine Dooner and Ray Gough, Lois Knight and Graeme Pelham.

August 29th – 1st Elaine Dooner and Pat Protheroe, 2nd Helen Langley and Joan Graham, 3rd Rhonda Thomas and Dan Cotter.

September 1st - 1st Helen and Eric Taylor, 2nd Pat, Protheroe and Margaret O’Leary, 3rd Dan Cotter and Phillip Williams.

September 5th - 1st Elaine Dooner and Pat Protheroe, 2nd Helen Taylor and Phillip Williams, 3rd Penny Williams and Pat Bowles.

September 8th - 1st Dan Cotter and Phillip Williams, 2nd Joan Bashir and Val Bloem, 3rd Pat Protheroe and Margaret O’Leary.