Year 12 students across Leeton shire heading into their last week of school

FEELINGS of trepidation, excitement and nerves are just some of the emotions being felt by two year 12 Leeton High School students. 

The Irrigator is following the journey to the Higher School Certificate exams with Isaac Collins and Elli Gill. 

The pair were first introduced to readers a couple of months ago at the start of term three where they were busily preparing for their HSC exams and wondering what a world outside of school would look like. 

Isaac, Elli and their peers have now completed those exams and their relief was palpable. 

“It went better than expected … everyone has told us from past year 12 classes that the trial HSC exams are the hardest,” Elli said. 

“They were okay for how hyped up they were.”

The students have been handed their results for those exams, which will help them prepare for the real deal come October 16. 

“We’re just doing a bit of relaxing at the moment since the trials have finished,” Isaac said. 

“It’s been a bit hard to get back into it because I think everyone put a lot of effort in (for the trials).”

For now though, Isaac and Elli, along with their classmates have bigger fish to fry. 

Monday marks the start of their final week of school life, which will be punctuated by a farewell assembly, the traditional morning of fundraising in the main street and a “muck up day”.

“It’s not a real muck up day, but everyone is pretty keen for this last week,” Isaac said. 

“I’m excited for the end of school, but when it happens it will probably be a bit weird.”

The final week of class leads directly into the school holidays. 

“Hopefully I’ll be spending it studying,” Elli said. 

In their first catch up with The Irrigator both Isaac and Elli agreed on the importance of the HSC, but did feel there continued to be a lot of pressure and stress surrounding the exams every year. 

However, that feeling is something they have come to deal with. 

Many year 12 students have applied for early entry to university, which could also ease the anxiety levels should they be accepted before the HSC gets underway.

“I think the stress levels are still there, but we’ve just learned how to maybe deal with it a bit better now … we’re a bit more used to it,” Isaac said. 

At the end of the HSC, Elli would like to study in the area of performing arts or teaching. 

Isaac has applied for degrees in physiotherapy and exercise science.

As back up he has applied for entry in a science teaching course. 



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