Technology anxiety is a real thing in today's day and age

TECHNOLOGY is increasingly overtaking our lives. 

We’re all guilty of it, but in today’s day and age it seems to becoming more noticeable. 

While out to dinner this weekend, there was rarely a moment where someone at out table of 10 or so people wasn’t on there phone – checking a message, sending a Snapchat or taking a selfie. 

This is my generation and I’ve started to realise it’s starting to frighten me just how much we depend on our smartphones. 

Perhaps depend isn’t the right word. 

It’s the anxiety we feel when we don’t have our phones in our hand or somewhere easily accessible.

Watching this dinner unfold and how often we each picked up our smartphones really hammered it home. 

It’s second nature now. 

Once upon a time even having a phone at the dinner table was a big no-no. 

Remember dinner time with your parents each night? 

There’s no way a phone would have been allowed at the dinner table. 

I remember our landline often being taken off the hook so we wouldn’t be interrupted while sharing a meal as a family. 

Nowadays it seems having a phone within easy reach is second nature. 

It’s depressing, but I’m not sure how we can change it. 

We’re all guilty of it. 

Whether it’s checking a work email, taking a call or jumping on social media – we are literally joined at the hip with these devices. 

The problem is we’re not switching off. 

Work is creeping into our lives at home and even our social lives. 

Of course, work can’t be blamed for having our phones with us 24/7, we’re an indulgent society we’re selfies are now common place and everything, every little moment, is being recorded by our smartphones. 

What can we do? 

We can start by switching off a dinner time – whether at home or at a restaurant. 

We need to get back to enjoying the company of those around us. 

Phones at the table should be banned, at least while the meal is being eaten. 

We need to connect in person, not just through technology. 

How else are we going to continue to function as a human race if we can’t even get through a meal without checking a smartphone? 

We need to get back-to-basics. 


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