Operation Slow Down results

The long weekend was a busy time for Griffith LAC and highway patrols, who took part in ‘Operation Slow Down’ across the MIA.

Over the course of the weekend, Highway patrol conducted 1886 random breath tests with general duty officers conducting 1452.

There were 128 speeding infringement notices issued, 15 seat belt infringements issues, six positive random drug tests, and 73 other miscellaneous infringement notices issued from Friday to Monday.

Griffith Highway Patrol's Sergeant Matthew Carroll was pleased with drivers conduct over the weekend, but was disappointed with the number of speeding infringements and drunk and drug drivers.

“Overall we were happy with the behavior of motorists over the weekend, even though people were detected without seat belts and for speeding,” he said.


“The main contributors to road trauma are speeding and drunk drivers, so we were disappointed with the number of drink and drug drivers over the weekend, obviously the message didn’t get through and that its not OK to drive if you have had alcohol or taken illicit drugs.”

“On a positive note, there were no major collisions that ended in serious injury or loss of life, so we are very happy about that.”