Leeton residents head to the polls for Murray by-election

THE Murray by-election campaign hasn’t been going all that long in reality, but it certainly feels it has dragged out. 

There’s been smear campaigns and all kinds of ideas and promises thrown about as the Murray electorate for the first time in many years could be under the leadership of a new party. 

Whether you love or loathe politics, it is the duty of all residents to make their vote count. 

There’s plenty of choice this time around and it comes at an interesting period. 

Should the Nationals lose the seat, it will give the new party or independent the chance to show what they are made of before the state election pops up in the next 18  months and we go through the process all again. 

Residents have been urged to make sure they make an informed decision, to wade through the rhetoric, blame games and mud slinging, which has been a feature by some of those involved. 

While there has been some negatives to the campaign, it’s also an exciting time. 

There’s no doubt for many years residents have felt their vote “won’t count” and the result will “still be the same”.

Now more than ever that isn’t the case. 

While a vote always counts, those that are seeking change should make sure they turn out and exercise their democratic right if they want a different (or even the same in the case of the Nationals) outcome.  

In many countries, democracy and electing a government or representative still isn’t allowed for all. 

It’s taken for granted by many, but having a choice is not allowed to many others across the world. 

It’s time to really think hard and be part of something. 

It may take up 15 to 20 minutes of your time on Saturday, but take a coffee or a newspaper and you’ll easy find that the clock ticks away the minutes. 

There’s plenty of articles, websites and social media sites dedicated to the Murray by-election, meaning it’s so very easy to do a bit of research and find out who you would like to give your vote to. 

Whoever gets up at the close of the polling booths on Saturday will have an interesting time ahead and will no doubt be certainly held account by the people who elected them to keep their promises and get something done for the Murray electorate. Booths are open from 8am to 6pm Saturday.


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