Plenty to see and do at the 2017 Leeton Show

PASSING a century has not slowed down the Leeton Show Society with the 102nd Leeton Show ready to rock and roll this weekend.

Kicking off on Friday night and running all day Saturday, there will be plenty to see and do for all ages.

Show society president Liz Munn said her team had preparations well in hand.

“It has been smoother than last year now we’ve had a bit of practice,” Miss Munn said.

“We’ve been making improvements this year and preparing well in advance.

“There is a lot of work in the lead up and then we keep working both days. It’s full on, you don’t get a lot of sleep.

“We definitely need a lot more young people, even if it’s just to give us a hand on the day of the show. That would be a big help for us.

“Then, in a couple of years down the track, they could look to join the committee.”

The Leeton Show is held on the second Saturday in October, usually the week after Griffith Show, but this year there was a weekend break in between.

“We are trying to work with Griffith with the horse events,” Miss Munn said. “They hold them in Griffith then they come to us the next weekend.

“We are trying to help each other out to make each of us bigger and better.”

Miss Munn said the show society had been getting the word out early about the 2017 show.

“Especially this one, it’s my biggest one so far,” she said.

“The Rooftop Express is a big draw. We are trying to get more family events on Saturday to get more people involved.

“We’ve got walnut races, they’re like egg-and-spoon races, a wife carrying competition, wheelbarrow races, tug of war.

“Friday is always known as the big night, but we want to try and get more people to come back again.”

Other activities and events include the traditional pavilions and displays and Big Day Out 4 Pets, as well as the Farmer’s Challenge, whip cracking lessons and the return of the ute barrel race.

“We’ve added another category for motorbikes,” Miss Munn said. “We had a lot of motorbike people ask us last year to include it. We did do it last year, but it wasn’t planned.

“It’s open to all utes and motorcycles and drivers must have at least a provisional licence. You do need a bit of skill to know how your vehicle handles.”

Discounted tickets for sideshow alley and rides ($30 worth of tickets for $25) can be bought before 4pm Friday.

Entry to the show is $15 for adults $12.50 concession, students, children 5-15, with children under four free

Wednesday’s rain was predicted and will have settled the dust.

“It should be in the 20s for the weekend,” Miss Munn said. “We are hoping for a perfect day and if it’s a perfect day, it will make more people come out.”