Spring squash competition report

WEEK eight of the LSC spring comp kicked off on Monday with Alpacas taking on Lemurs, with Alpacas scoring a convincing 9-1 win. A Rodrigues 3-0 l Ryan,  Fairweather 3-0 L Shelton, T Taylor 3-1 D Boardman. Mooses locked horns with Rhinos and came out victors 9-2. M Piper 3-1 R Tait, M Tait 3-0 T Taylor, M Lynch 3-1 S McAliece. Macaws battled it out with Dinosaurs and came away with the win 8-6. D DeMamiel 3-2 D Ryan, J Jennings 2-3 E Jennings, D Shelton 3-1 T Fletcher.

Tuesday kicked off with a draw between Meerkats and Jellyfish with the countback going to Meerkats. M Dunn 3-1 J Harrison, R Tait 0-3 E Lyons, D DeMamiel 3-2 B Thompson. Rabbits had a 6-3 win over Jaguars. R Hanlon 0-3 J Quinlivan, R Mahalm 3-0 R Bandy, A Iannelli 3-0 I Draper. Then we had the battle of the subs played out between Chimps and Cougars with Chimps scoring a 9-1 win. M Harrison 3-1 C Thompson, M Collins 3-0 D Ryan, C Ryan 3-0 C Davidson.

Thursday’s games finished off the round and Tigers had a huge 11-3 win over Cheetahs T Whitby 3-0 C Thompson, J Mimmo 2-3 S Quinlivan, Z Fairweather 3-0 D Croucamp, L Taylor 3-0 S Bruno. Mammoths triumphed over  Racoons with a 10-6 win. M Harrison 3-1 R Thurgood, M Steele 1-3 S Quinlivan, J Curry 3-2 G Thompson, N Ryan 3-0 T Preston-Warr. Monkeys took home the chocolates with a 8-6 win over Turtles. M Alexander 2-3 T Naimo, B O’Leary 3-0 B Thompson, Z Fairweather 3-0 W Rawle, N Rawle 0-3 B Block.