A man's suicide on Tuesday lead police to close the Oval to the public

Police have  released any further information regarding the closure of Mark Taylor Oval on Tuesday.

Chief Inspector John Wadsworth said police closed the area after a man committed suicide, and had urged residents to stay away out of respect to the family.

Leeton residents were advised at around 12pm on Tuesday by police to avoid the oval, as an ongoing operation was underway after the non-suspicious death of a man.

In other news, a business on Cherry Avenue in Leeton was robbed in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Police allege the offenders, possibly three of them, gained access at around 2am by smashing the front store window, after attempting to enter through the roller door as well as damaging the lock on the front door.

They proceeded to steal an unknown number of packets of cigarettes before fleeing back through the smashed window.

There was also a break and enter at a property on Dempsey Road Leeton between 7.30pm on Monday and 12pm on Tuesday.

Property stolen from the shed includes a motorbike, chainsaw and a fridge.