Whitton's water issues have cleared up according to Leeton Shire Council

“BACK to normal” still isn’t good enough for Whitton’s water supply, with residents remaining concerned at the quality. 

Early last month Whitton residents took to social media to express their dismay at the town’s water supply, with many reporting a yellow tinge coming through their taps. 

Leeton Shire Council was made aware of the problem and set out to fix it. 

It has since provided an update and believes the condition of the water has returned to normal. 

In a statement, council said it had received no further feedback from residents.

“Council has received no further calls regarding issues with the quality of the drinking water in Whitton since the issue was first raised a few weeks ago,” the statement said.

“Regular water testing is being conducted, which is consistently showing no further causes for concern with the quality of water for Whitton residents.

“Should any issues arise residents are being encouraged to contact council.”

Whitton resident RJ Cranshure-Player had noticed a change in the water in that it was no longer yellow. 

However, he felt what was considered as “normal” for Whitton wasn’t the same in other towns in the shire. 

He said the quality of Whitton’s water was probably not up-to-scratch when compared with other areas. 

“It’s definitely better than it was, but in saying that even when it’s probably considered ‘good’, it’s definitely not like what you would get in other places,” Mr Cranshure-Player said. 

“It’s never really super clear. 

“I think it’s been an ongoing problem for some time. 

“People in Whitton I know have raised it with the council a number of times, but nothing really seems to happen.”

Whitton isn't the only town in the region to have experienced water quality issues this year, with Darlington Point residents having similar problems addressed by their council.  



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