Leeton bowls news

L&D: The annual general meeting of the L&D men’s bowling club was held recently.

Rowan Dunham stood down as secretary after many years service to the club, and his position has been taken up by Tony Reneker.

Rowan has played a major role in the administration of the club at zone and district levels and has given up his free time to represent our club, so it’s a big thank you from all the bowling members for your outstanding effort.

The office bearers for the 2017/2018 are:

  • President G Ahern
  • Vice-president A Smith
  • Secretary T Reneker
  • Treasurer W Everett
  • Publicity officer A Corneliusen
  • Committee: J Barker, T Barnes, S Ramsay, Joe Cool McBride and match selectors are G Stockton, T Reneker, M Douglas, P Sheldrick, A Corneliusen.

Other club news, Timmy Barnes Rock and Roll Bowls went off with a bang, thanks to the Leeton/Whitton AFL Club for their support. Super Saturday Social Bowls was cancelled and declared a wet sheep day because of the two inches of rain that fell on the green, so it was a Super Saturday Social day.

The last president’s day of the year was held at the Hay Bowling Club. L&D made the trip with four players representing the club, with no success on the bowling green but socially it was a very enjoyable day, with Noddy Hearn getting the best and fairest for his effort having a Noddy nap for 53 minutes and 38 seconds cuddling a polar bear can on the journey home.

There are still a few vacancies left for the Eurell Pairs which is played December 17.

There will be plenty of hams up for grabs at tonight’s men’s bowls raffle that starts at 7pm. Happy bowling.


INDOORS: SOCIAL indoor bowls played at the Leeton Soldiers Club recently resulted in some good matches. 

In top division the winners were Peter Clayton and Rolly Zappacosta, who defeated Lena Papasidero and Mick Piccolo.

In bottom division, Sam Papasidero and Ida Oliver were too good for Arthur Stavro and Maureen Murrell.