Leeton squash competition report



WEEK two of the 2018 summer comp commenced on Monday night with the Macaws defeating the Rhinos on court one 9-2.

Jack Quinlivan 3-0 Macauley Harrison, Blayne Thompson 3-1 Rod Tait, Brianna Grey Mills 3-1 Simone Bruno.

On court two the Dinosaurs edged out the Lemurs 8-6.

Trev Whitby 3-2 Jacob Harrison, Dion DeMamiel 2-3 Matt Collins, Lizette Taylor 3-1 Teneal Presston Warr.

The late game was played out between Alpacas and the Mooses with the Alpacas walking away victors 6-3.

Matthew Dunn 3-0 Rob Hanlon, Declan Ryan 3-0 Roy Bandy, Tayah Preston 0-3 Naomi Rawle.


Tuesday’s games started with a win on court one to the Chimps over the Rabbits 9-3.

Cooper Boardman 3-0 Col Thompson, Carol Davidson 3-1 Will Rawle, Miranda Tait 3-2 Daniel Shelton.

On court two the Jellyfish snuck away with a one point win over the Cougars 6-5.

Kris Centofanti 3-2 Bryan Shepley, Callum Ryan 3-0 Ian Draper, Trish Fletcher 0-3 Matt Lynch.

The late game was played between the Jaguars and the Meerkats with the Jaguars getting the win 7-4.

Tony Naimo 1-3 Chris Billingham, Zac Fairweather 3-1 Erin Draper, Leah Smith 3-0 Tahlia Taylor.


Thursday’s games kicked off with the Raccoons handing out donuts to the Turtles on court one 9-0.

Jackson Gorman 3-0 Brian O’leary, Angelo Fiumara 3-0 Dion DeMamiel, Emily Jennings 3-0 David Croucamp.

Court two was played out between the Cheetahs and the Monkeys and the Cheetahs taking out the win 7-4.

Jason Mimmo 3-1 Emily Lyons, Sean Ryan 3-0 Ruth Tait, Zac Fairweather 1-3 Gary Thompson.

The late games were played between the Tigers and the Mammoths with the Mammoths walking away victors 8-7.

Sarah Quinlivan 3-2 Ryan Thurgood, Anthony Iannelli 2-3 Michael Johnson, Byron Warr 3-2 Jade Jennings.