Marjory McCormack's 100th birthday can teach all Leeton residents a thing or two

AS A journalist you have the opportunity not just to meet all kinds of different people, but tell their story. 

There’s no greater honour, particularly when reporting on a significant milestone in someone’s life. 

Last week I was given the chance to do just that with a very special lady, a pioneer of Leeton if you will. 

Marjory McCormack celebrated her 100th birthday on March 9 and I was lucky enough to sit down with the wonderful lady herself for a chat. 

Much-loved by many in the community, Marjory has crammed a lot into her 100 years and it was a pleasure to hear her talk and reminisce on some of her memories. 

Irrigator journalist Talia Pattison wishes Marjory McCormack a very happy 100th birthday.

Irrigator journalist Talia Pattison wishes Marjory McCormack a very happy 100th birthday.

Having met Marjory many times before, there’s one thing you can always take away from her and that’s a sense of a love of Leeton. 

In fact, she wrote a book on just that titled A Love Affair with Leeton: A Memoir.

Marjory has lived her life in a fashion any would be proud of. She and her late husband Allen had five children together and now their family continues to grow with 14 grand children and 12 great grandchildren joining the brood over the years. 

Marjory herself symbolises what is good about Leeton and why residents love the town so much – she has always been about bettering the community and giving back. 

Her years as a teacher helped to shape many young minds and her community work has been second-to-none, having been the founding member of many groups of which she is still a member of today. 

It’s something young people in Leeton and, indeed, everywhere could learn from Marjory and her life and fruitful life. 

How often do young people today think “oh someone else will do it?” when it comes to organising an event or planning a fundraiser? 


It’s true, someone else usually does do it, but those people can’t keep doing it forever. 

If we want our community groups in Leeton to continue to thrive, we need to all take a page out of Marjory’s book and roll up our sleeves and get to it. 

I’m sure that would be a legacy Marjory would be proud of. 

There’s many community groups and service clubs in Leeton who are calling out for young people to join. 

Among the multitude, there would surely be one that would appeal to each of our tastes. 


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