Leeton volleyball autumn competition

THIS week was the sixth round of the volleyball autumn competition.

There were some good rallies and serving throughout and a very close encounter, despite a 3-0 result. Spiked Girls are improving each week with their serving and ball use. But with the more experienced players on the Hit Heads team in Narelle Ryan and Tracy Catlin, they were able to hold on to win the first set 25-21. The second set was again close with brothers Callum and Declan Ryan serving well to get Hit Heads out to an early lead, matched by a late run inspired by Spiked Girls players Emily McCarty, Nikki Ryan and Taylah Smith, to get back to a 19-19, but the Hit Heads were able to again win 25-21. In the third set Spiked Girls Laura Camm and Sophie Hemley lifted their games and saw the best Volleyball played for the night. It could have gone either way with scores level on multiple occasions and at 21-21 with Spiked Girls serving, it was highly likely to go to a fourth set. But Hit Heads were again able to get the break and win 25-22. Best players were Narelle Ryan, Taylah Smith and Tracy Catlin.

The second match did not go ahead due to too many ill players. It was a forfeit win to All About the Ace against the New Kids on the Block.

  • Next round is on Wednesday, May 2, with no play on school holidays and Anzac Day.