Jake Speer's Inside Water project has been filmed and wrapped

BLOOD, sweat and tears have gone into the making of Leeton actor Jake Speer’s latest project Inside Water.

Mr Speer, his cast and crew recently spent six days in the Leeton area filming the movie in what he said was “the most intense, immersive, exhilarating experience of my career so far”.

“I really felt I had disappeared down a rabbit hole for a week,” he said.

“Constantly fluctuating between producer and actor, my mind was always in the world of the film.

“If I wasn't thinking about my lines I was making calls to make sure lunch was delivered on time. Knowing full well that I had the support of my hometown behind me made all the difference.”

Inside Water features Mr Speer, as well as other well-known Australian actors Myles Pollard and Maggie Dence. 

Mr Speer said the filming would not have been possible without the help of Leeton shire residents.


“We had local volunteers driving the bus to and from set, shuttling cast to and from the airport, as well as props donated and delivered by locals and our accommodation and catering was truly world class,” he said.

“The most help from the community was felt on set with the aid of some locals in key crew positions. Our production assistant Riley Taskiran, a young Leeton student with a passion for the creative process, spent the entire week on set operating in multiple roles across multiple departments from handling props and set dressing to setting up lighting and camera equipment.”

The filming process over the week was a long one, but Mr Speer said having reviewed the footage captured, he was impressed with what the group had achieved.

Now the process of editing and putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together is underway, with the premier of the film to be held in Leeton later this year.

“We are still actively raising money to cover the costs of post-production and we encourage people to visit our crowd funding page at https://www.gofundme.com/inside-water-short-film to help us reach our goal,” Mr Speer said.

“We'll be updating the page with new info and behind the scenes footage to keep people in the loop.” Director D'Arby Deck said the whole experience taught him even more as a filmmaker.

“Jake and I have lived with this story for some time now, so to see it come to life in such a fashion was an amazing experience,” he said.

“The depth and heart of the narrative has never been lost on me, but seeing it play out against such visceral backdrops has added new, unexpected emotional layers and authenticity. I can’t wait to share it with the people of Leeton.”


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