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Tips to mitigate office property loss

Tips to mitigate office property loss

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Taking care of our personal belongings appears to be much easier than managing the items that belong to the office. While the odd pen ending up outside of the office is not worth an investigation, those small incremental losses can make a big impact on a business.

If your office needs some help in looking after and retaining office property, here are some tips to make that happen and stop those expenses you haven't budgeted for.

RFID access to tools

Do you take better care of items when they are linked to you, as opposed to using items without accountability? RFID access control for tools is an effective way to track who is using work tools, when they are being used and when they are returned.

This might help employers realise that your office needs more tools or equipment, or it might highlight the individuals or departments who typically hold on to these office supplies the longest.

This will also eliminate the need for manual tracking and data entry, which can take time and is prone to human error. These tools are only effective if they are used by every person and RFID access control makes tracking equipment fully automated.

Enhance security measures

Enhancing your office security measures is always going to be an advantage, especially if the equipment and property you have are specialised and expensive. You can do this by keeping your important property in separate parts of the office or under the protection of management.

You can also consider a security system if your office issues require it, and perhaps the discussion of a security system is all that's required. Patented technology and expensive equipment should never be at risk of loss as this sort of loss can cripple a business quickly.

Consider a staff allowance

Office property loss might be a symptom of a bigger issue, especially if your staff require those items during work hours and outside of them. You might wish to extend a staff allowance to your employees so that they can buy and own those items that are being lost, which saves you chasing the items.

If there is an expectation that your employees work unpredictable hours, show them you appreciate the commitment and give them that allowance.

If your staff have a hybrid working arrangement at home and in the office, then this is even more of a reason to have your staff take control of their own equipment and tools. Just be sure to come to the party and extend a reasonable staff allowance.

Track property through cloud-based software

Perhaps your employees are not correctly tracking office property because there is not a system that is optimal for employee use.

Using a cloud-based inventory app is a great place to start. If you don't want anything quite so formal, you can start by creating a shared Google Docs sheet that employees can jump into to log what they are using and for how long.

In many cases, an office's accounting team would need to have visibility over what office property is and is not present in the office, as this contributes to the overall position of the business.


Try some of these tips and see if you can mitigate some of the property loss happening in your office. Remember, this can be a problem that can get out of hand quickly so review your approach often to ensure that you are not over-spending to replace your office inventory.