The Irrigator
Friday, 8 December 2023
Sensitive Content
Whoops! Live anchor caught flipping the bird
Anna Houlahan
Maryam Moshiri gets serious. Picture via BBC News
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Friday, 8 December 2023

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Bradley Perrett • 33m ago
The customer's always ripe, for a rip-off
Garry Linnell • 1hr ago
Supermarket companies persist with the myth of self-service checkouts. Picture Shutterstock
Car Expert
James Gelding • 31m ago
Car Expert
Chery Australia appoints new managing director
Jack Quick • 2hrs ago
Car Expert
Alfa Romeo's smallest SUV yet now has a name
James Gelding • 2hrs ago
Alfa Romeo's smallest SUV yet now has a name
The Senior
Impersonation scams have fleeced $92 million from us in nine months. Here's how to not be duped.
Staff Reporter
Anne-Mason Furmage won't let her lifelong disability defeat her.
Rowan Cowley
Disability advocate Ann-Mason Furmage. Picture supplied
Thousands have heard Reg's stories about Kokoda Track. He has some simple advice to young people.
Staff Reporter
World War II veteran Reg Chard in his home at Villawood, Sydney, NSW. Picture supplied
The Land
The Newell Highway reopened around 12.30pm
Orlander Ruming Ben Jaffrey • 49m ago