The Irrigator
For more than a century, The Irrigator has been the voice of Leeton Shire.

Stretching from one of the oldest towns in the region, Whitton (founded in 1850) to Yanco, the shire has a welcoming community that continues to grow.

Like nearby Griffith, irrigation changed what small soldier settler farming region into a diverse and growing agricultural community.

Leeton is the home of SunRice, the largest manufacturer of Australian rice and one of the town’s largest employers.

The rice grown in paddies around the town makes up the premier product which is exported globally.

The Irrigator has been right there with Leeton as it’s evolved, covering the stories that matter to our readers while also campaigning to ensure our residents can enjoy the lifestyle Leeton is known for. is the only news media outlet solely dedicated to keeping the residents of Leeton, Yanco and Whitton informed and connected.