Final round of competition brings out best


HARD-FOUGHT matches and close encounters featured at the top level in the 15th and final round of the spring squash competition.

Brad Woolner has topped off a great competition at A1 with the top percentage (82 per cent) by a mile. Rob Hanlon did well to place second with 57 per cent.

Woolner then played the match of the week defeating Trevor Whitby in an hour and a half of hard-running squash. The match featured long rallies and frequently six or more rallies to decide each point with hand out scoring.

All A1 matches this week went to five with Jacob Harrison defeating Tony Naimo 37 points to 34 and Rob Hanlon defeating Mark Del Gigante, despite losing the points 37 to 39.

Woolner led Boasts to victory over Drives assisted by Claire Quinlivan defeating Jason Curry in five (40 points to 39) while Glenda Whitby lost to hard-hitting Mark Jennings in four.

Although Naimo lost to Harrison, Lobs defeated Drop Shots with wins to Adrian Sheldrick over Michelle Quinlivan and Ruth Tait over Jason Bailey.

Once again the Evans brothers, Will and Gavin, have carried Backhands to victory, defeating Martin Stevens and Kira Hoogers with Hanlon winning one back for Forehands with his win over Del Gigante.

Miss Hits and Penalties were equal on matches and games on Wednesday night with Miss Hits in front on points 99-94, but just failed to oust Penalties from third place on the table finishing on 175 to 176.

Allan Macarthur lost to Ross Vitelli in four, Rod Tait out-placed Ian Alexander in four and Chris Curry lost to the in-form Brad Naylor, while Leanne Johnston defeated sub Steph Hanlon.

Double Hits recorded a clean sweep over Strokes. Sub Macauley Harrison defeated Brian Troy in four, Will Evans out hit Jamie Mooney, Mick Fletcher won a close encounter in five from Karen Robertson and Sarah Quinlivan won on a forfeit.

Super sub Brad Naylor defeated Jamie Mooney in four, Tina Dunn defeated Tracey Cotter in four and Macauley Harrison won on a forfeit due to injury. Lets recorded victory over Rallies, who won one match back through Stephen Pidgeon defeating Trish Fletcher.

In Smashes' defeat of Hot Shots, Scott Quinlivan won in four over Brad Muller, Col Thompson lost in four to David Cross and Steph Hanlon defeated Simone Bruno.

In a match that finished with both players equal on 37 points, Brian O'Leary defeated Tim Hutchinson in five, sub Will Evans had a good win in five over Laney Lashbrook-Gough and Esther Deeves lost in five to sub Steph Hanlon, which gave Serves a victory over Aces on matches.

Tony Naimo led Hand Outs to victory over Volleys with a strong win in four over Bryan Shepley. Mitchell Hutchinson completed the victory with a good win in three over David Middleton while Zac Hanlon won one back with a win in three over Miranda Tait.


Tuesday: Backhands 175, Lobs 164, Forehands 138, Boasts 134, Drives 118 Drop Shots 108

Wednesday: Miss Hits 216, Strokes 192, Penalties 176, Lets 175, Double Hits 161, Rallies 132

Thursday: Hand Outs 160, Smashes 146, Aces 146, Volleys 131, Serves 126, Hot Shots 113

Semi finals: first plays fourth, second plays third on regular squash night.

Grand finals and Christmas party Friday night.


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