Knockout faces dramas

Group 20 senior sides will clash for the Paul Kelly Memorial Shield this Saturday with one team unable to make the trip to Leeton.

West Wyalong is unable to field a side in first grade due to a scheduling clash which will also see the league tag side miss the tournament.

“What’s happened is one of the players from first grade is marrying one of the league tag players,” Group 20 president Greg Blackstock said.

“Basically it takes most of the first and reserve grade side away and most the league tag side as well.

“They asked for an exemption and we (Group 20 committee) threw it back to the clubs a couple weeks back and they allowed it.”

Along with seniors and league tag, 16s and 18s teams will also be competing at the knockout.

And they also have less teams than there is clubs.

West Wyalong will have no presence with the under 16s and under 18s unable to field sides.

Waratahs were unable to field teams in the under 18s and league tag while Tullibigeal-Lakes United will also miss the league tag.

The under 16s competition will be without sides from the Black and Whites and Darlington Point-Coleambally along with Wyalong.

However, both the Leeton Greens and Yanco-Wamoon Hawks will be fielding sides across the board. 

The two clubs will use the knockout as a solid hit-out before the regular Group 20 season gets underway in the coming weeks. 

Group 20 secretary Rocci DiSalvatore understood that not every club was able to enter sides in all competitions at this stage of the year, he said late withdrawals were not OK after West Wyalong, Waratahs and TLU pulled teams late.

“We are trying to set everything up and it’s just frustrating,” he said. “We’re trying to work things out and do the best we can do to get a draw out on time.

“They want to print the programs, the referees want to know and the clubs want to know when they’re playing.”

DiSalvatore said no fines had been imposed as of yet for late withdrawals but some may be handed down.

The knockout will be played at Leeton’s town ovals and supporters are encouraged to attend. Should the Greens and Hawks have success on Saturday they will progress to the next round of the knockout, which will be played in Griffith next weekend. 

SENIORS on No. 1 Oval

3pm: Yenda v Waratahs. 3.50pm: DPC v Black and Whites. 4.40pm: Yanco-Wamoon v Hay. 5.30pm: Leeton v TLU. 6.20pm: Yenda v Hay. 7.10pm: Black and Whites v TLU. 8pm: Yanco-Wamoon v Waratahs. 8.50pm: Leeton v DPC.

LEAGUE TAG on No. 2 Oval

3pm: Yenda v Hay. 3.50pm: DPC v Leeton. 4.40pm: Yanco-Wamoon v Yenda. 5.30pm: Leeton v Black and Whites. 6.20pm: Yanco-Wamoon v Hay. 7.10pm: Black and Whites v DPC. 8pm: Semi-final one. 8.50pm: Semi-final two.

We are trying to set everything up and it’s just frustrating. We’re trying to work things out and do the best we can.

Group 20 secretary Rocci DiSalvatore