Riverina Skate Championship in Leeton

The Riverina Skate Championship in Leeton has continued to move from strength to strength according to its organisers, Totem Skateboarding.

Nigel Cameron, head coach at Totem said the crowd has been on the increase over the last five to six years.

“We have seen the community get much more behind the event,” he said.

“I would estimate that numbers have doubled even just in recent years.”

I would estimate that numbers have doubled even just in recent years.

Nigel Cameron

Cameron thinks this is great for the skate park because it is attracting people who would not usually use the facilities.

“The event is great for the community to be able to see what the kids are doing at the skate park,” he said.

“I would just like to thank everybody who came along on the day and added to the atmosphere.”

In the competition itself for the second year in a row, the open class of the skate division was taken out by an Estonian.

Siim Sild saw off the challenge from Matt Withers from Griffith and Ray Hearne from Darlington Point to take out the Riggz Cup.

“I’m not sure what they put in the water over there (Estonia), but it seems to create good skaters,” he said.

“Siim style suited the way the park is set out and he used it all really well.”

Cameron praised the performance of all of the participants especially those taking part in the scooter competitions which saw some creative tricks.


Under 12 BMX: 1. Aidan Preston (Leeton) 2. Liam Papasidero (Leeton) 3. Tyler O'Connell (Leeton)

Under 17 BMX: 1. Jake Aliendi (Leeton) 2. Jack Cantrill. (Leeton). 3. Seth Botton. (Leeton).

Open BMX: 1. Damian Eyles (Leeton) 2. Chris Hart (Leeton) 3. Tommy Schmetzer (Leeton).

Under 12 Scooter: 1. Liam Papsidero (Leeton). 2. Hayden Morley (Leeton). 3. Aidan Preston (Leeton).

Opens scooter: 1. Sam Papasidero (Narrandera) 2. Ben Morrow (Yanco) 3. Lucas Smith (Albion Park).

Skate Under 12: 1. Tyler O'Connell (Leeton) 2. Brendan Wildman (Campbelltown). 3. Aidan Preston (Leeton)

Skate Under 17: 1. Joel Garth (Leeton). 2. Jack Cantrill (Leeton). 3. Kobe Shaw (Leeton).

Skate Open: 1. Siim Sild (Estonia). 2. Matt Withers (Griffith). 3. Ray Hearne (Darlington Point).