Poppies for fallen animals

Assumption Villa resident, Maisie Miller, is very passionate when it comes to Anzac Day and has been spending time rallying over residents to help knit and crochet purple poppies.

Maisie has performed this task as part of an RSL Women’s Auxiliary project which she has been a long-term member of the auxiliary.

The purple poppies represent the animals which served alongside our soldiers at war which includes horses, pigeons, camels, donkeys, mules, dogs and canaries.

Animals played a very important part in the war and Maise thought it was quite important for us to honour and remember them and so she rose to the occasion by calling on residents to help knit and crochet purple poppies.

Some of the residents have knitted different coloured poppies with red being for the fallen soldiers and white representing the nurse who served alongside the servicemen and women.

Activities co-ordinator Sue Parker said the residents enjoyed the task spending the time together chatting, knitting and enjoying each others company.

“This is very important that our residents feel they are contributing,” she said.

“Once Anzac Day is over the poppies will be sent to Pozieres in France where they will be made into animal rugs to be put on display at the opening of the Australian War Animal Memorial.”

The memorial honours the thousands of Australian animals who did not return home after the war.

 The poppies will also be displayed at the Anzac Service at the Assumption Villa on April 21.