Matt Vogele shares his experiences of life in Leeton

MATT Vogele was born and raised in Leeton and believes it will be his home for some time to come. 

Mr Vogele is known to many in Leeton shire whether it be for his employment at Leeton Shire Council, his membership with the Leeton Motorcycle Club, sporting achievements or even his beard – he is a friend to many. He is among many young residents who have chosen to pursue a career and life in Leeton after schooling. 

Mr Vogele started his education at Leeton Pre-School, continuing through Parkview Public School and culminating with his graduation from Leeton High School in 2007. He is now a drainage and development engineer with council.

“The opportunity to enter the civil engineering field through a traineeship meant myself and many local people could be kept in Leeton for employment opportunities,” he said.

Growing up, Mr Vogele said he was able to enjoy perhaps a more simple childhood, compared to youngsters growing up in today’s 21st Century world. “When I was younger the computer age wasn’t fully in swing yet and mobile phones weren’t commonly available until high school,” he said. 

“This meant that growing up for me was about getting out and about with friends on push bikes or by foot and, of course, getting home before the street lights came on.

“Leeton and its numerous playgrounds with simple equipment of basketball hoops and wide open spaces to play and kick a footy are where I spent most of my time.”

From a young age, Mr Vogele played Aussie Rules with the Leeton-Whitton Crows shortly after the amalgamation of Leeton and Whitton teams. “I had extensive success playing through the juniors with many premierships and some of those undefeated,” he said. 

“All the while contributing to fundraising and the like within the club. Most recently I have been involved with the Leeton Motorcycle Club, including being part of the board as treasurer for five years.

“I have been a part of many public events as a part of the club where tremendous work has been done all for the benefit of the Leeton community. As a local sporting club, all funds end up returning to the community through local suppliers or donations to community groups.”

Mr Vogele and his partner Rebecca Vant recently purchased their first home in Leeton. He said the town provided a relaxed lifestyle that still had opportunities.

“This is why I like it here, away from the faceless and busy aspects of the city,” Mr Vogele said. “You can go up the street or attend functions and know most of the people you pass by. Can’t say that in a city.

“The only disadvantage to living in Leeton is its location to major places. It doesn’t attract major events due to its size and locality. I think Leeton will be my home for quite some time. It offers just enough to keep the place interesting, but not boring.”