Leeton golf news

Wednesday wackers: winner, with a great score, was Barry Lang with 44 points, runner-up was Ross Cantrill on 41.

Ladies: winner was N O'Reilly, 36 points. Pins 4th Andy Thornburrow, 6th A Skinner, 13th Bert Dale, 15th Rob O'Callaghan. Ball comp to 35.

Saturday: stableford A Grade winner Eric Hudson, 41, runner-up Rod Emerson, 39. B Grade Tyler Boller 39 on a C/B to Tim Hutchison. 

Drive and Chip: A Grade Graham Dale. Pins: 4th Josh Heldon, 6th A Skinner, 13th Scott Turner, 15th Kelvin Green. Ball comp to 36 on a C/B.  Next Saturday medley 4BBB stableford.

Vets: Vets played stableford on Monday 1st was John Kellahan 40 points 2nd Paul Morris 38 points on a count back to Kevin Hollis. Pins 4th John Kellahan 15 th David Lang.  Next Monday, vets v par, captain Peter McLosley.


THERE were 200-plus starters for twilight golf last week in another hot week temperature wise and in the scoring department. The Player of the Week, with a brilliant 27 nett, was Rod Heffer. The maroon Kluger will appreciate Joe and Marg Severino’s Carwash tokens that’s for sure.

Matt Troy was solid with a nett 30, Ryan Sharman, 31, with Andrew Day, Frank Porcu, Rachael Bush and Timmy Roll’s spare card were all 32s.

Robbie Gifford needs a mention for his 33, that’s a fine Robbie!

And the rest of the Nob Trains, Bill Bevan, James Moore, Brent Lister and Bag Bagust all broke their handicaps with Nathan Cassilles on leave and Jaryd Patto saving his form for another day!

The ball comp was once again 34.

The team of the Week was the above-mentioned Nob Trains on 168 just ahead of Dude Where’s My Par regardless of the fact Townsland has gone missing!

The Bald Eagles get the last of the media attention with a great team score of 172 nett due to Deano Stanmore shooting one under off the bat and Jenny Day chipping in with 34. 

Purple tee players can now play both 9s so get out and try the inside for a change. The purple tee’s themselves have been substituted for “Purple Pavers” in the fairways, all you must do is tee off from somewhere behind the behinds “left or right” up to you.